The most important information
      We play mostly very expressive music, which of course can be louder sometimes.
      Please therefore leave your children under 6 years at home. They will not be allowed entry, even when accompanied by adults. Because a festival can be a considerable burden for children.
      Also dogs, cats, raccoons or the like must please stay at home and will not be allowed on the premises.
      In the case of children and adolescents, the Youth Protection Act applies, which stipulates that parents are under the obligation to care for the underage child. Accordingly, under 16-year-olds must be accompanied by a custodian or may be on the entire event site only with written permission ("Muttizettel") and accompanied by a guardian.
      Furthermore, young people over 16 may be on the site after 24 clock only with written permission ("Muttizettel") of a custodian. This, of course, includes the camping area. A copy of the identity card of the custodian must be carried.
      Controls may be carried out at any time by our security staff. Also, persons who do not know how to behave at the festival will be expelled from the premises. Ein Anspruch auf Schadensersatz besteht nicht.

      Die Karre steckt im Matsch...
      What if we have to pull you out:
      Unfortunately, you can plan everything still so beautiful and yet it pours like from buckets. Even the best soil can't withstand that. Please do not forget that your vehicles can get stuck even if the ground is loose. But we try our best to help you out of it and pull you out with our tractors, if that is possible.
      This service is free for you! If someone should demand money from you for it, please report this immediately to our security service.
      Please keep calm, we do not leave anyone out in the rain.
      We assume no liability for the towing of vehicles. Der Abschleppvorgang erfolgt auf eigene Verantwortung und Gefahr des Besuchers.